Snorkeling Safari – Private Charter


Snorkeling safari – 2 hours

A Tenerife snorkeling safari and cruise to ‘Turtle Bay’, for a fun introduction to our private charters. Your Tenerife snorkeling safari begins with a cruise to the fish farms found a mile or so outside Puerto Colon. Here we search for bottlenose dolphins, irresistibly attracted there by the deep fish-filled nets. Because dolphins are so naturally inquisitive they will often leave the nets and approach the boat and come up alongside.

Offshore cruise

Enjoying the views of the coast, and cruising parallel to it, we take you towards Playa Paraiso keeping our eyes peeled for turtles, flying fish and dolphins. During this section any children (or indeed mums and dads) can take the wheel.

Tenerife snorkeling

Coming back along the coast we enter the bay to anchor in El Puertito (‘Turtle Bay’), certainly one of the best places for snorkeling in Tenerife. Only smaller boats can enter El Puertito and this picturesque cove is also a great place for sunbathing, relaxing. It’s ideal for snorkeling because the water is usually crystal clear, and thanks to its design Poker Chip is able to anchor a little closer to the beach than other boats. Anchoring in about 4 metres of water you will be able to see the sea bed while floating on the surface.

Because the visibility in the water is so good here many divers use El Puertito for training. Some divers bring food for the turtles which come in looking for a free meal as a result! Here you have a very real chance of snorkeling with turtles, or should you decide not to swim, to see them from the boat as they surface to breathe.

Coastal cruise

The last leg of your Tenerife snorkeling safari is a leisurely, coast hugging cruise past Spaghetti Bay, La Caleta, the Bahía del Duque hotel and the beaches of Fañabe on the way back to Puerto Colón.

Price: 235 euros, including quality drinks. For families and groups up to 11 people.

  • Search for dolphins
  • Kids can take the wheel
  • Quality drinks included
  • Swim and snorkel in ‘Turtle Bay’
  • Snorkeling equipment provided


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