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“Words are unable to describe this trip”

5 of 5 stars5 STARS Reviewed May 11, 2013.


I titled the review like this as it’s an honest opinion. In fact the trip was that good we booked again 2

TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2013
Poker Chip Charter awarded a 2013 Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor

days later! Communication was absolutely faultless, we booked the first trip from the UK through Neil and as well as sorting all that out he actually answered a lot of other questions we had about the island too! How good is that?

As promised he met us at the boat and introduced the captain to us. He made us feel at ease immediately as my wife was slightly nervous about being on a smaller boat in the sea but afterwards she loved it more than the bigger boats. The boat itself is absolutely ideal, it holds 6 adults comfortably but I think it could handle 8 without too much problem. It’s clean, comfortable, and a very well maintained boat, (trust me on this as I am in the royal navy).

The refreshments on the boat are fresh from the shop bought just before you leave, and kept stowed away on the boat out of the sunlight. The food we had was cheese and ham baguettes and crisps. The drinks are kept in an ice box and there are many choices of soft drinks as well as beer (San Miguel) and a cava too – so plenty to please all ages.

The trip was brilliant. We went to find dolphins first, then on to spot the whales and from there had a trip to Turtle Cove where you can swim in the sea with the turtles. As none of the people on our trip wanted to swim we sat and ate the baguettes then the captain suggested trying to look for the elusive dolphins again to which all of our group agreed. I’m so glad we did because it was then that we actually had a dolphin swim right under the boat. Amazing!

I’ve rambled on for ages now and could quite happily carry on…but I won’t… I hope this review encourages many people to book this charter. Neil, a truly fantastic experience from beginning to end. See you again next year I hope. All the best. Rob and Edith.


 “Lovely intimate trip”

5 of 5 stars5 STARS Reviewed May 10, 2013


Saw loads of pilot whales, the captain was good a little crabby but hey. There were 6 on board which made it really special. I would deffo 100 per cent recommend this trip. P.S. The rolls are amazing. Neil was easy to speak to and got back to me within minutes of email being sent.


“Wonderful afternoon”

5 of 5 stars5 STARS Reviewed April 10, 2013


We had a fantastic afternoon our captain was great company and a wonderful host. We saw pilot whales and turtles but unfortunately the dolphins were a bit shy that day. We have previously done similar trips on bigger boats and can honestly say there is no comparison. This trip was very personal only 5 people in all on the boat and we were eye level with the whales – amazing! There were plenty of refreshments on board; beer, water, Pepsi and cava – I particularly liked the cava :). To eat we had crisps and lovely rolls.

My 5 year old was so excited being able to drive the boat all by himself, just like a real captain 🙂 Upon our arrival to the UK, Neil emailed a Poker Chip boat driver certificate for my son – he was made up! Communication with Neil was second to none from start to finish. We first contacted him from the UK before our holidays after reading such good reviews on TripAdvisor and found him to be very helpful and a pleasure to deal with. We will all definitely book again when we next visit Tenerife. Thank you. Debbie, Dan and Jamie.


“Great time!”

5 of 5 stars5 STARS Reviewed April 3, 2013


Good day out and saw many dolphins. I recommend it if you want a nice experience away from the big boats full of tourists! Very nice and funny Spanish skipper.


“Fantastic day out”

5 of 5 stars5 STARS Reviewed March 8, 2013


It was great, well worth the money, we all loved it – me and my husband and our two kids. The kids loved getting a chance to drive the boat by themselves and you could never get that close to the whales and the dolphins on one of the bigger boats. Neil and the captain were great and helpful – would defo use them again and have told all our friends who are thinking of going to Tenerife about Poker Chip Charter. Thank you Neil and captain for a wonderful day. Martin, Patricia and girls.


“Great adventure – Great Fun”

5 of 5 stars5 STARS Reviewed February 24, 2013


Decided to opt for a “private” charter for the four of us. A good decision as it gave us plenty of space to move around and stretch out on the boat. Really excellent afternoon, full 3 hours on the sea, with baguettes and drinks included. Whilst some of the marine wildlife proved elusive at first, we did get to see dolphins and over a dozen baby pilot whales – all down to the skill and knowledge of our captain who took us to the quieter areas away from the larger more crowded, and noisier boats. The ability to switch off the engine, and just watch the whales was fantastic. We opted not to go snorkeling, as we were as mesmerised by the whales, as they were with us, coming very close to the sides of the boat! Overall a not to be missed trip, all professionally overseen by Neil.


“What an amazing day!”

5 of 5 stars5 STARS Reviewed December 14, 2012


We had an amazing day with Poker Chip Charter. Our skipper was very knowledgeable and we saw dolphins (with babies), pilot whales and sea turtles.

The dolphins came up close to us and the whales swam either side of the boat playing hide and seek as we had stopped and turned the engine off – amazing. In the cove we were offered snorkeling equipment and the turtles came right by our side… absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately the trip had to end but we will be back… a fantastic day that you could never get fed up with doing again and again. Thank you.


“The best whale & dolphin trip”

 5 STARS Reviewed November 1, 2011


This was an excellent trip. I have been out to see the whales and dolphins almost every year I have been going to Tenerife – and that has been 20 years. This was by far the best I’ve been on. The captain was very knowledgeable about where to find the dolphins and whales and knowledgeable about them too. We also saw sea turtles in a cove where we were able to get in the water and swim with them. The trip consists of 3 hours in the boat (you can get a go at driving it too by the way) during which time you are given drinks and a fresh crusty roll. All in all a trip that is well worth the money.


“Don’t go on any other boat trip until you’ve tried this one !”

5 STARS Reviewed January 6, 2012


This is the second year running we have been on this trip and we always get close to the dolphins & pilot whales. The owner of the boat (Neil) is very friendly & helpful. The best boat trip we have ever been on, he always supplies lunch & drinks. This trip is a MUST DO if you want to see the dolphins & whales.

If you have small children they even get to drive the boat which our 4 year old thought was fantastic. As this is only a smallish boat, every trip is very personal.


“Excellent choice for a trip on the Ocean, very professional.”

5 STARS Reviewed January 16, 2012


Finally I found someone who wants to please his customers and is not doing it just for the money! We had a wonderful trip with Poker Chip Charter and feel we have to come back to do this trip again, and are making plans for May this year. Excellent hospitality, very good atmosphere. Neil, you are doing the right thing, and good luck to keep up with this. Looking forward to meeting you again in May.


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